Valley Rain rebuilds Piestewa Peak Park with 4 contracts spanning 3 years.

Dramatic changes have been happening at the 60 year-old Piestewa Peak Park. The first project, opened to the public in October 2019, started in the latter part 2018 and included reconstruction of the Summit and Navajo Trailheads (renamed the Mesquite Area) with new restrooms, ranger station, ramadas and a new 84-ton, 100-foot long vehicular and pedestrian circulation bridge. [Piestewa Peak CMAR]

The City of Phoenix has since asked the same Valley Rain crew to continue upgrades using the City’s JOC program. These are smaller contracts that have been sequenced one by one to limit the size of areas closed due to construction.

  • Mohave Picnic Area and Ramadas (renamed as the new Cholla Area) which included multiple concrete retaining walls as tall as 10’ and new access to the terraced ramadas was completed in June of 2020.
  • Hopi Picnic Area (renamed as the new Saguaro Area) is now nearing completion with more retaining walls, new access, parking, restroom building and ramada improvements. This site also supports the new relocated helipad.
  • Apache Picnic area is now under construction with new restrooms, ramadas, hardscape improvements, parking, paving and stepped retaining walls. Work is expected to be complete at this site in the fall of 2021.
  • Still more work is planned on the Dreamy Draw side of the peak as the City of Phoenix continues to improve preserve access.

All of the work has been sequenced to keep trails as open as possible. Natural areas are protected and restored to preserve the beauty of this historic asset. Kudos to Valley Rain’s team of expert trailhead builders!