Innovative Practices.

Valley Rain is an industry leader in utilizing the latest technology to achieve superior performance and world-class quality on every project we undertake.

Natural Turf Athletic Surfaces

Valley Rain offers every level of natural playing surface:

  • “California Green” construction -including gravel layers, drainage and root-zone mixes
  • Alternative sand gradations to support moisture retention
  • Golf-style, valve-in-head, smart irrigation for full control
  • Two-wire, networked irrigation control systems

Natural Desert Restoration and Protection

  • Desert pavement salvage and restoration to blend with natural surroundings
  • Plant salvage and transplant of native species
  • Natural hydroseed and revegetation
  • Salvage and restoration of “plant litter” and natural slash to restore a native appearance
  • Valley Rain is the leader in trailhead construction and natural restoration

Automated Grade Control and 3D Surface Modeling

  • Trimble Business Center Heavy Construction Edition
  • In-house 3-D modeling experts
  • Quality control for finish surface grading (surface tools, surface slicer views and one tenth contour intervals to view and troubleshoot design surfaces)
  • In-house field staking utilizing Trimble Data Collectors
  • Automated equipment grade control utilizing Trimble Machine Cards
  • Design intent replication in the field without the use of conventional stakes
  • Vertical accuracy of plus or minus 1/8” through use of Robotic Total Station

Cloud-based Project Management Tools

  • Cloud-based technology deployed on iPads to every field superintendent
  • Procore software for project management and document sharing
  • B2W Track software for payroll and equipment reporting
  • Daily project documentation from the field with photos, reports, quantities, issues
  • Software support for quality management
  • Software support of safety management