Valley Rain (VR) construction crews are currently building for the City of Scottsdale the Bell Road Multi Use Fields and Center Street Sports Complex for the City of Mesa.  As construction continues at a fast pace, VR Teams are collaborating with the Owners and Design Teams to plan for construction that will progress over the next serveral years.

Westworld Multiuse Fields is a continuation of Valley Rain’s CMAR work with the City of Scottsdale.  The Westworld site will add 5 more soccer fields to be constructed in 2021 and 2022.  The addition of these Multi Use Fields will be a continuation of enhanced amenities that will contribute to the growing needs of its community.

Paloma Park Phase 2 in Peoria, Arizona is a 45 acre addition to the existing Paloma Park completed as a Design-Build Contract in 2021. Construction will take place in 2022-23. The project, a VR Design-Build, will add 4 ball fields, 3 soccer fields, sports courts and a “wheeled park”.

Red Mountain Sports Complex in Mesa, Arizona, is a major expansion of the existing park adding 10 soccer fields and 4 ballfields covering 68 acres of additional land. The project includes a new water source from the CAP canal. Construction is planned for 2022 and 2023. Valley Rain was selected as the CMAR for this project.

During the preconstruction phase of each project, Valley Rain is “hands-on” to review and address planning, budgeting and Value–Engineering ideas. Collaboration and comments are critical in this stage to provide for plan improvement to build and deliver the best value and quality for our clients/owners.