Construction Services

Building Confidence Throughout Construction

Valley Rain is a General Engineering and General Building Contractor for Public Works Projects. We focus on horizontal construction with high aesthetic value, such as parks, trailheads, and plazas. We include supporting vertical structures like monuments, restrooms, ramadas, concession and maintenance buildings.

Professional Project Managers

Our experienced project management staff provides solutions and adds value to every project. We have experts on staff with extensive Parks and Open Space knowledge.

Experienced Field Superintendents

Our field personnel is experienced in heavy civil, landscape, concrete, and vertical construction and have a passion for quality and safety. They manage complex teams of subcontractors and our own self-performed crews, equipment and material procurement.

Web-Based Project Management Software

We use the web-based application, Procore, for communication, documentation, and collaboration. It allows our team to access information real-time, anywhere, and for all project-related information, including RFI’s, daily logs, drawings, specs, and more.

Critical Path Scheduling

Our team provides critical path schedules to coordinate work on complex projects through Microsoft Project Office 360. We provide continuous updates through progress reports, delay tracking and recovery strategies.

3D Surface Modeling and Earthwork Analysis

We use Trimble Business Center – Heavy Construction and 3D Surface Generation from Original AutoCad files to develop surface models and earthwork analysis.

3D Automated Grade Control

Through GPS and Total Station Robotic Controls, we are able to provide automated grade control. Valley Rain’s D6 Dozer with GPS and Total Station Masts can achieve final grade tolerance to plus or minus 1/8”.

Technical Experience in Agronomic and Soil Science

Our staff provides expertise in natural vegetation and turf growth management, agronomic strategies for soil support, and engineering and structural properties of soil. Valley Rain manages soil placement to obtain the best results for every feature.

Prequalified Subs in Every Trade

We utilize an online prequalification system and use internal ratings from past performance on Valley Rain jobs to monitor the health and capability of each subcontractor.

Self-Perform Crews

We have crews that can self-perform earthwork, underground, concrete, landscape, irrigation, drainage. Our stable and cross-trained workforce has a talent for aesthetic construction, including decorative and architectural concrete structures.

A Commitment to Safety

We meet all OSHA and governmental safety standards.

Valley Rain staff inspires workers to create and maintain a safe work environment. This includes frequent communication expressing the commitment of VR management. Our culture is effective because our workers share a genuine concern for the well-being of their co-workers and subcontract employees and public safety.


✓  Job Hazard Analysis is done in the field by experienced supervisors.

✓  Topics are relevant to the work being done and for the highest risk activities.

✓  Regular Certifications in Trench Safety, First Aid and Dust Control.

✓  Training videos made available to field crews through iPad access.

Commitment to Safety

✓  Daily Inspections by Superintendents.

✓  Safety Observation Reports and Accountability through cloud-based software.

✓  Weekly Inspections by General Superintendent and Project Managers.

✓  Regular Inspections by Executive Management.

A Culture of Quality

Four-Step Quality Control Process

Valley Rain staff inspires workers to achieve their best.
We train for improved quality, hold each other accountable and celebrate the victories.


Preconstruction, Planning, Submittals, Mock-ups:
Define the level of quality.


First Course:
Verify that the defined level is achieved.


Daily Inspection:
Monitor daily production and maintain high levels of quality.


Approve all work.