City of Scottsdale

Bell Road Multi-Use Fields

Fast Track Scheduling Provides Early Access to Fields for Community Park Users.

Park and Recreation | Athletic Facilities

Yes, you can park on the grass! (At times, anyway).

The project will include six lighted multi-use fields that also have the capacity to park almost 3,000 cars for special events. The turf will be sand-based tiff with a full drainage system that will provide durability and fast turf recovery. Similar fields were built a number of years ago by Valley Rain at the Scottsdale Sports Complex. Future phases will provide up to seven more fields at nearby sites to meet the growing demand for lighted sports fields in the community.

The work began with mass grading and large storm drains that convey drainage flows across the site to on-site retention basins. Later, we will be adding restrooms, plazas, parking, and a maintenance shop. Off-site enhancements will be made off Bell Road to provide for safe traffic movement in and out of the site.

Currently, the crews are spreading gravel and sand for an early turf planting date this summer.

The project is using the CMAR delivery system, which allows Valley Rain to inject valuable construction experience into the final design process. This type of contract also allows the project to be “fast-tracked,” allowing early starting of the first phases of construction.


Project Details

CMAR | Value-Engineering
24% Self-Performed
February 2022 | 43 Acres

Key Elements

Multi-Use Fields | Sand Based Turf
Restroom and Office Facilities
Maintenance Facility
LED Sports Lighting
Turf Surfaces for Event Parking

When involved during design, we can help our clients make the best decisions on product durability and maintainability.