City of Scottsdale

USS Arizona Memorial

Honoring Arizona’s Namesake Vessel of Pearl Harbor.


The USS Arizona Memorial Gardens at Salt River honors veterans and commemorates World War II attacks on Pearl Harbor. The project includes hardscape features that outline in full scale the 608’ USS Arizona. The gardens include 1177 lighted columns representing the service members who perished and 334 one-foot columns to represent the survivors. The outline of the ship protrudes into the 5-acre lake emulating the sunken state of the battleship. The design also corporates interlocking scroll patterns and other Native American themes.

At the center of the project is the Boathouse building which has floor-to-ceiling glass on the north and south sides. The Boathouse displays a relic structure salvaged from the original ship.

Signage and sandblasted quotes throughout the memorial site provide the history, images, details, and overall significance of this event. Interpretive Pylon Mast Structures display the names and rank of every sailor aboard the ship on their own individual stainless steel name block.


Project Details

CMAR | 65% Self-Performed
February 2020 

Key Elements

Lighted Columns | Decorative Paving Lakes | Landscaping | Thematic Lighting


Pending Submittals for
Multiple Awards

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