Valley Rain, one of Arizona’s most successful construction corporations, turns 45 this year!

Fred Dalzell, a life-long resident of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, founded Valley Rain 45 years ago. His life’s work began at a very young age. When he was 10 years old, Fred started mowing his parent’s lawn for allowance money and a few neighbors’ lawns to supplement. As word spread in the neighborhood, Fred took on more jobs and responsibilities developing and honing his work ethic. The years flew by and Fred went off to college at the University of Arizona but came home for the summer months to resume mowing lawns. When asked by a neighbor if he could plant hundred-plus oleanders with bubblers, he ambitiously replied, “Yes”, all of which gave him hands-on experience and knowledge, and of course, help with college and beer expenses.

Fred’s reputation was building and in 1976, he and his buddies were offered a “big” irrigation job. One that changed the landscape of Fred’s life for a very long time and counting.

Valley Rain was started in 1976 as an Irrigation Contractor, Valley Rain Sprinkling Corporation. Parks, sports fields, streetscapes, and open-space areas have always been the focus of Valley Rain, and it has become its specialty.

There is no exaggeration in stating that VR has laid thousands of miles of pipe and wire for the healthy growth of turf, trees, and plant material. So, it seemed only natural to branch out to include “landscape” in the world of bidding and installation.

In 1989, Fred once again relied on his entrepreneurial spirit, and together with an experienced team, transitioned Valley Rain from an irrigation/landscape subcontractor to the seamless progression of General Contractor with the name change to Valley Rain Construction Corporation.

In 1979, Fred married Cathy Blakeman Dalzell. And, in keeping with their common work ethic and values, all four of their daughters have worked at Valley Rain as teenagers, and one daughter, Ashley, has made working at VR her career. In 1997, Cathy became Fred’s business partner as well, and the two have taken VR to the next level sharing their passion for quality and excellence.

In 2020, VR branded a new logo representing every bit of the foundation it was built on.

As VR marks this great milestone, it is appreciative of its fantastic workforce. VR is very proud of its diverse trades: irrigation, landscape, grading, utilities, water and sewer, and concrete.

From the office to the field and to the shop, our team’s attention to detail and professionalism is our hallmark. The time and efforts our people put into building the finest parks and open-space projects in the State are so gratifying and rewarding. We are reminded how important our work is every time we see individuals and families, enjoying awesome public spaces through sports, walking, or picnicking, especially in these unconventional times. Today, recreation has never been more important to our personal health and that of the communities we serve.

Many thanks go to our wonderful colleagues in the State, municipal and local entities who have given us opportunities to partner on projects with a mutual interest in developing relationships and being good stewards of the project funding.

Valley Rain has also been very fortunate to work with the most creative design and architectural firms in the State. The collaboration between our companies and the subcontractors and suppliers ensures that the delivered project is the best it can be for the owner and the end-user.

As VR celebrates 45 years in business, we look forward to the future with the same enthusiasm, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit it was founded on.