City of Scottsdale

Grayhawk Park

Scottsdale Worked Closely with VR During Design.

Park and Recreation | Athletic Facilities

This 54-acre sports park follows a distinctive Southwestern “Grayhawk” theme. The facility includes four ball fields, Musco sports lighting, Motorola-controlled irrigation, two post-tensioned basketball courts, a large playground area, parking, restroom/concession building, and maintenance facility. The infrastructure included off site improvements and sewer and water into the site. Valley Rain was an active partner throughout the design offering budgeting and alternative methods to obtain the best value. The project required close coordination with the adjacent Boys and Girls Club to maintain safety.


Project Details

70% Self-Performed
August 2009 | 54 Acres

Key Elements

Ball Fields | Sports Lighting | Irrigation
Basketball Courts | Vertical Structures 
Playground | Infrastructure 

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