City of Phoenix

Deem Hills Dog Park

Making Tails Wag in Deems Park.

Parks and Recreation

Deem Hills Dog Park was a collaborative JOC project with the City of Phoenix.  The project was fit neatly into the southeast section of the existing Deem Hills Park site where the site had been previously cleared and revegetated as part of a future parking lot area.  Valley Rain worked with the City’s Project Manager during the design stage to help minimize impact to sensitive natural areas and to come up with creative grading and tie-in concepts. Valley Rain also provided in-house irrigation design. 

The resulting dog park facility created an aesthetic oasis against a dramatic desert mountain backdrop. Existing parking and restroom supported the multiple functions of the dog park and an existing trailhead.


Project Details

JOC | 75% Self-Performed
September 2015 | 2.3 Acres

Key Elements

Dog Park | Irrigation Design 
Sensitive Natural Areas

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