GROUND BREAKING – Bell Road Sports Complex                 

January 21, 2021

City of Scottsdale and Valley Rain have broken ground on the Bell Road Sports Complex.

On January 14, 2021 VR crews started building the 43-Acre sports field complex at Bell Road and 94th Street. The site will include 6 lighted multi-use fields that also have the capacity to park almost 3,000 cars for special events. The turf will be sand-based tiff with a full drainage system that will provide durability and fast turf recovery. Future phases will provide 7 more fields at nearby sites to meet the growing demand for lighted sports fields in the community.

The work begins with mass grading and large storm drains that will convey drainage flows across the site to onsite retentions basins. Later we will be adding restrooms, plazas, parking and a maintenance shop. Offsite enhancements will be made in Bell Road to provide for safe traffic movement in and out of the site.

The project is using the CMAR delivery system which allows Valley Rain to inject valuable construction experience into the final design process. This type of contract also allows the project to be “fast tracked” allowing early starting of the first phases of construction.

This phase is scheduled to provide event parking in February of 2022.